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Personal Injury

Separate Personal Injury Department

• Collection of Medical services provided on a lien basis as a result of a personal injury

• Communication with Credit Bureaus

• We collect your money fast!

Billing and Collection Specialists

PQME/AME/SB 863/1160 Specialists

Billing and Collections Under the New Law

• No charge for PQME/AME bills that we bill and are paid timely per LC4600

• Contingency fee collections and litigation for bills that require collections

• Personalized customer service to navigate the new law


Over a Century of Combined Experience

• No outsourcing - all collections done in house to assure efficiency and fast cash flow.

• Contingency basis - we front all costs and you don't pay until we collect your debt!

• Compliance with all SB 863/ SB 1160 laws

• Contact with insurance companies within 24 hours of receipt of files!


Quick Billing to Optimize Your Revenue

• Experienced Billing Staff

• Separate Billing Department

• Receive copies of your bills every night electronically for your personal records  

• We maximize your billing revenue!

    Billing & Collections

Workers Compensation

Specialized Workers Comp Unit

Collection of Medical liens of injured workers, medical services, that Insurance Companies should have paid

• Separate Workers Comp lien collection department with qualified staff and over a century of combined experience.