Full Service Law Firm

• Transcon has a full service law firm within its office space

• Collectors work closely with in-house counsel to successfully collect your money

• Attorneys devote 100% of their time to collecting past due debt

100% Contingency Based

• You don't pay for us to collect - our fees are based on our success

• Small fee for quality, personalized service

• We front all costs associated with litigation


     Contact: (909) 219-6008

Cash Flow Fast!

Transcon understands your dependence on predictable payments and that past due accounts can cause cash flow problems. 

The Transcon team  aggressively, but fairly helps debtors pay their obligations, ensuring you fast payment.  We make a demand for every balance to be paid in full, and work closely with the in house legal team to review settlements and enter into negotiations with your debtor.  We fight for every penny and ensure you get paid.  At Transcon, your debt is our main priority!

Why You Should Use Transcon Financial

Join Transcon Today

• No advanced fees

• Contact with insurance companies within 24 hours

• We turn your paper files into digitized CDs

• Qualified Staff who are specialized

• A personal account professional to cater to all your needs

• Timely statement and status updates

Customer Service

Transcon Financial is dedicated to personal, customer service.  We pride ourselves on adding a personal touch in an impersonal business. 

With Transcon, you will receive a personal account professional who will cater to all your needs.  Your personal account professional will be in constant communication with you, updating you every step of the way.  We are your personal, full time debt collection team!


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Highly Trained Staff
  • In House Attorneys
  • Outstanding Results
  • Fast Cash Flow
  • ​​Timely Statements and Status Updates

Increase Your Revenue

• We make demands for the balance to be paid in full on all accounts

• Experienced collectors work for settlements and negotiations - we don't stop until we collect.

• Aggressive, yet fair collection process

• Contact with insurance companies within 24 hours

• Guaranteed results!

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